From time to time we all find ourselves either judged or judgmental – and neither is either a productive nor comfortable position in which to be.

I realize and am humbled by the power of judgment and how it hurts the judge — we must recognize the lack of divine energy the judge is experiencing. If it (the divine energy) were whole, we would only see the sanctity and beauty of another.

So when we catch ourselves acting as the judge, we must stop…gaze within, and realize the possibility of a personal need for love and acceptance. Realize the opportunity for healing and identify what is touching a chord so deep within that we feel the need to judge another. Perhaps our judgments are simply a shadow of the way in which we judge ourselves…

Firsthand, I have witnessed the confusion and judgment of a family member unable to offer compassion. As a result, likely out of fear or inability to distinguish one’s own vulnerability, they may throw rocks in one form or another. Perhaps this provides a tangible explanation as to why those who have experienced a handful of challenges are often the ones that shine the brightest.

So every time I am about to judge (which, yes, happens often), I stop myself. The ability to pause, reflect and reject the judgment, sending love and healing as opposed to judgment…is a beautiful gift worth acknowledging.