MyHealingRooms.com offers a stress-free place to find answers, therapeutic healing tools-free demonstrations-meditations and information about alternative medicine& holistic therapies that have the power to help people reclaim their health-MIND -BODY AND SOUL.

We invite you to listen to the healing and heart opening music of “Vulnerable” and let yourself be directed to the rooms that can assist you at this time. Our video will explain our intention. View Video Here



“At first glance, our “tri-shield” logo epitomizes the clean lines and attractive subtlety found in our products. Look deeper though, and you will notice our “SS” in the negative space. This is analogous to our products…sleek, stylish cases on the surface with so much more lying just beneath. The three portions of the tri-shield also represent the three types of radiation we block: Extremely Low Frequency (ELF), Radio Frequency (RF, Wi-fi), and thermal (heat).”

“Don’t settle for any less…anytime you see SafeSleeve’s Tri-Shield logo, know you’re getting the best in radiation protection, design, quality and convenience!”


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Robert DeGaetano “Vulnerable”