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Please know that the items we sell are items that we use and feel are effective. We are all individuals so you will have to feel if it is right for you and please free free to email us with any questions. All items are offered at a discount as well.

Always wishing you continued good health and abundance.


You may order these products by sending an email to myhealingrooms@gmail.com.
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Vita Body Oil

“Unlimited Mind” Vata Body Oil
16 oz. Professional Size


“Developed under the guidance of Melanie Sachs our Vata Body oil is warming, grounding, and calming for mature or dry skin.”

Vita Face Oil

“Unlimited Mind” Vata Face Oil – 2 oz. Professional Size


“I have been using the Vata Body and Face for the past 8 years and my skin is better now then it was in my forties.”

ArthoSoothe Cream

ArthroSoothe™ Cream – 3 oz.


“So many topicals creams make promises and this one WORKS!!!!”
ArthroSoothe Cream is a topical designed to alleviate discomfort associated with overused joints and muscles.

Cell Balancer

Cell Balancer


“We find this to be a comprehensive mineral supplement that has no taste-thank god!!!! A great compliment to our modern lifestyle as the soil is often depleted of minerals as well as our food…. Put it in a shot glass with one ounce of water and your good to go!!!!”

Alka Vision Green Shield

AlkaVision GreenShield Greens


“We finally found the perfect detox green blend with clay and aloe that has a light minty flavor.”

Botanical Treasures

Botanical Treasures


“Botanical Treasures is a blend of tumeric known for its anti-imflammatory effects and as we know inflammation is the pre-cursor to many diseases.”


Dandy Blend

$10.00 / $12.00

“This is Amazing! And we have recipes for iced Cappuccino using Dandy Blends that will send you to the moon – with no caffeine!”

Available as single serving packets or in bulk.


CeL-Factor’s EMF Phone & Computer Protection


“CeL-Factor’s EMF protection features were clinically tested and proven in 2011 when the product and technology underwent a Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Based Study.”



Call For Pricing

“Vitamix..check out the different models and give us a call. We discount and give you our code for free shipping-discount and a special gift, and cookbook.”

Titanium Cookware

Titanium Cookware

Call For Pricing

“We love this company for the quality and cost of Titanium cookware. What is the sense of cooking healthy if unhealthy metals are leaking into your food? Please call us for our code to receive your discount.”

Alkazone Drops

Alkazone® Alkaline Booster


“We love these drops as they are easy to carry -will alkalize your water while providing your body with essential minerals. Enjoy!”

Contigo Water Bottle

Contigo 32 oz. BPA Free Water Bottle


“We like this bottle as it is a liter measurement which is perfect for our Liquid Feast requirements of 3 bottles a day minimum -as well as the ease -no straw -and so easy to use. It is a staple and favorite of The Liphe Balance Center.”

Nature's Complete Salt

Nature’s Complete Salt

$5.30 / $10.60

“These spray salts are amazing for travel-revival – sugar cravings as well as on food providing over 80 essential minerals!”

Liquid Feast Bundle

Liquid Feast Bundle

$87.00 with Free Shipping!

“Feast Essential bundle to make your feasting easier and more effective.”