Robert DeGaetano

Concert Pianist and Musical Intuitive

Robert DeGaetano

Robert DeGaetano has an esteemed career as a world famous concert pianist and composer. He is also a musical intuitive where he is able to hear one’s personal vibration. Having written many musical portraits since the 1980’s, his ability to tune into your musical vibration has aided many people in balancing their emotions and physical well-being. He offers Musical Profiles to help people understand their life purpose as it relates to the language of music as well as much more extensive Musical Portraits which refer to all aspects of your being; your soul, your spirit, your body and mind.

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Soul Portrait Demonstration

Robert DeGaetano, concert pianist, composer and musical intuitive discusses his Musical Portraits and plays Barbara Slaine’s portrait. He explains how he tunes into your vibration and composes your signature piece. Also included is information about his Musical Profiles in which he finds your vibrational key, suggests music that can shift your emotional states as well as good living locations for your particular vibration.

Robert’s Musical Portrait

What is a Musical Portrait?
It is more than a snapshot of your life. It refers to all aspects of your being; your soul, your spirit, your body and mind. It reflects your totality.

How do I know this composition is specifically about me or the person I want it commissioned for?
Each of us vibrates to a predominant frequency which can be heard in deep meditation. Just as a composer uses a particular key (such as C) to write a work, the universe uses a particular key to compose us. We are each, literally a unique composition that encompasses our entire being (soul, spirit, mind and body).

Because music is a language that can capture life holistically, I am able to channel the vibrational pattern of an individual’s being. This comes out as a personal composition. Others can vibrate to the same frequency but their pattern is always unique. These portraits only reflect the person it has been composed for. Nothing is added.

What is the turnaround time to complete a portrait from start to finish?
The entire process takes 8-12 weeks. This includes composing the music, learning and memorizing the score, recording it, preparing the music manuscript, preparing the suggested listening list for the individual’s vibration and the final assembling of the materials.

Is it necessary to meet the person to create the portrait?
No. All the information is transferred vibrationally. I sometimes like to have a photo of the person.

Musical Profiles

Question: What is a Musical Profile?

This Profile reflects who you are in the language of Music. First your predominant vibration is found. You are then informed what this particular vibration means musically and where on the musical scale your speed of vibration fits in to the total language of music. You will receive information to help you understand your position in the world and how this tone affects your activities and choices in your everyday life.

You will also receive suggestions of locations that will support your personal vibration. Like all of us the earth itself also vibrates and the vibrations spin around the globe. For example the east coast of the US vibrates to a C and directly on the other side of the globe Hong Kong does as well.

You will also receive suggestions of what music to listen to for states of depression, anxiety and comfort. This music will be in keys that relate to your personal vibration.

The Musical Profile is only meant to be another helpful form of information. Knowledge can be very beneficial. All of life as we know it vibrates. Choices of who, what, and where we share our energy are very important. This Personal Profile will help you make more informed choices.

Journey of Passion : Robert DeGaetano’s Piano Concerto No.1