Introducing Roland Comtois, RN and Medium with a Discussion of The Power of Love

Roland Comtois

Love. Few words have the power to evoke so many scenarios. There is romantic love – hearts and flowers. There is sexual attraction we equate to love. There is the love we have for friends and family, for our children, and there is the love they have for us. There is love of country, love of our fellow man. But what exactly is love? And how does it impact us?

We are told love makes the world go round, but no one has ever defined quite how.

According to Lao Tzu, “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

And the genius Robert Heinlein has said that, “Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.”

But exactly how does love impact us? Why do we need it? And is it better to give than to receive. Should the love in our lives be a noun or a verb?

According to Roland Comtois, RN and medium, love is everlasting. It follows us from this plane to the next and we are able to still feel it from our loved ones who have crossed over – if we are open to doing so, that is.

So what exactly does being loved bring into our lives? How does it impact our well-being? Here are just a few of the many effects love has on us individually and mankind in general:

• Love enhances our sense of self – Sure, we are secure in who we are. Sure we like ourselves. But being loved is validation; it indicates that someone else values us which, in turn, allows us to value ourselves even more.

• Love provides a sense of connectivity – We revel in our individuality, but we also need to know that we are not alone. And whether we are loving or being loved, love provides a sense of connectivity to others which is both reassuring and restorative.

• Love can decrease blood pressure – Studies have shown that being with a loved one can decrease blood pressure. Researchers speculate the familiarity of a partner’s presence is enough to induce calmness, even if you’re on the skids.

• Love helps you put life and its vicissitudes in perspective – When we love and we act with love, whether or not our job is secure, our savings is adequate, our car is in the shop, and all the other concerns we might have in our lives are diminished.

• Love reminds us that it is better to give than to receive – In short, love takes us from the what’s-in-it-for-me attitude to the abundance and joy we experience when we give. And whether we are giving to a significant other, to our children, to our co-workers, or to strangers, we benefit from the rebound of positive energy that giving engenders.

• Love reduces the risks of certain diseases – When we receive love, and when we give it, we de-stress. And as stress is at the rood of so many dis-eases, being loved and giving love can directly impact our health.

• Love is contagious – When we share a treat with someone at the office, drop food at a food bank, volunteer at a soup kitchen, smile at a stranger, make a nice comment to a store clerk, stop to help someone with a flat tire … when we perform any kindness to anyone, we are sharing love. And people who experience love tend to pass it along; there is a trickle down, up, and around effect to love.

This month, the month in which Love is prominent, is featuring Roland Comtois because he is – in short – all about the power of love. Its power to heal, its power to transform, and its power to transcend time, space, distance, and even death. Join us for a month of celebrating Love and all that Roland Comtois brings to the reality and discussion of the magical element that truly does make the world go round.