Honor Your Body Temple

The idea of “success,” for most people, revolves around money or the acquisition of property or other possessions, but we consider a state of joy as the greatest achievement of success. And while the attainment of money and wonderful possessions certainly can enhance your state of joy, the achievement of a good-feeling physical body […]

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Q&A with Roland Comtois

You are an LPN. What motivated you to become a nurse, and how many years did you work in the medical field?

I spent the majority of my life knowing that I needed to help people. I wasn’t always sure how that would unfold.

I always felt a connection to the medical […]

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The Power Of Love – Roland Comtois

Introducing Roland Comtois, RN and Medium with a Discussion of The Power of Love

Love. Few words have the power to evoke so many scenarios. There is romantic love – hearts and flowers. There is sexual attraction we equate to love. There is the love we have for friends and family, […]