“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending it turned into a butterfly.” ~ Proverb


Without hope we are lost. Without options and possibilities there is not hope. And without movement and curiosity there is no evolution.

My Healing Rooms is about offering hope through options for evolution.

Personally speaking, If I had not continued and continue to seek I would not have realized the possibilities. Seeking, searching and trying modalities beyond the mainstream has led me to periods of incredible bliss and freedom, and the blessed feeling of contentment in body mind and soul.

There is a soul’s calling, a glimmer of light which is hope, is what keeps us going on our individual journeys and trajectories. Staying present, not arguing with reality – what is present at this time – opening to our intuition to what might support us, all helps to keep us in constant evolution!

It can take a lifetime, but it is the journey. For me it has taken in some areas 55 years to see clearly and recognize the patterns and thought forms that were holding me hostage. We need to understand that epiphanies come to each of us in our own time, so we must be gentle with our selves.

We start by recognizing we are a symphony consisting of mind-body-soul and spirit, a finely-tuned orchestration embodying it all. These elements communicate with each other, so listen and be still, harness the opportunities that are present at this time, right now! Know and accept that you are perfect and deserving of love and joy.

Come to myhealingrooms.com, sit quietly and let yourself be guided, Explore the possibilities, become a seeker, and nurture hope.

Please share your stories of how Hope has kept you going.