CeL-Factor’s EMF Protection

Cel Factor Emf Protection


CeL-Factor’s EMF protection features were clinically tested and proven in 2011 when the product and technology underwent a Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Based Study.

This test, which is considered the “Gold Standard” of clinically testing methods, proved CeL-Factor™ reduces the negative effects of EMF and wireless radiation harming your body. CLICK HERE to read clinical test results. CeL-Factor™ is also the only product that has has conducted both thermographic and blood testing since 2004 and has had an independent SAR testing which is the cell phone industry’s standard for safety measurement conducted in 2011. CeL-Factor’s technology (researched and developed in the German scientific community) provides precise communication on a cellular level that helps keep cells organized or communicating when distortion occurs from EMF radiation generated by devices like cell phones and other mobile devices, which use produce radiation in order to operate.

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