It has been five weeks since my father passed, and it is true that time does heal, gives us perspective, and the physical absence of our loved one is replaced by memories and day-to- day life. We do go on.

My sister-in-law found out two weeks ago her father’s throat cancer had returned and that he did not want to live; he was given three to five months and refused any conventional treatment. He said he wished he could go like my father and between not eating and having had recent back surgery he was just done.

It is hard for loved ones to hear a parent say they want to transition. His attitude evoked anger and sadness in my sister-in-law. She also felt they were not that close, so she was not comfortable spending time with him.

I suggested she focus on serving him as well as being in gratitude and thanking him for all he DID do for her in his life.

Ellen received a call Tuesday night. He was in a coma and would probably not make the night. The next morning he was still alive and she went down to see him.

As she was stroking his hand and expressing gratitude, he opened his eyes, and they were able to love and share for many hours before he transitioned.

Ellen was thrilled that she had that time with him. She realized the power of her love and healing and had closure. I have heard so many times from so many that they wished they had visited and communicated more with their loved ones.

Ellen called yesterday and said, “There are many things you have told me over the years that I have not listened to, but thank you for making me do so this time. I cannot believe he responded to me and I have closure. I felt like a healer.”

I guess it is about owning our ability. As souls and pure source energy, we have powers – the strongest of which is love – that can create what we label as miracles.