AlkaVision GreenShield Greens

Alka Vision Green Shield


We finally found the perfect detox green blend with clay and aloe that has a light minty flavor. The perfect blend of organic greens which feeds your body (great for weight loss) and detoxes your body a the same time so it is another win-win and it tastes great.

We recommend using this for periods of time especially detox or when you feel acidic making sure your organs of detox are all working properly.

AlkaVision GreenShield is a specially formulated nutritional supplement which provides most nutritional substances largely missing from our modern diet. The ingredients are obtained from across the world, organically grown, and harvested at their peak and never heat treated. All herbs are highest quality, and standardized. AlkaVision GreenShield is the only green drink product on the market with clay in it.

GreenShield is a perfect blend of powerful whole food vegetables, immune boosting support herbs, and healing clay. Our powder mixes so easily with water; you’ll wonder how essential green nutrition could taste this good.

GreenShield Is The Safest Way To Lose Weight!

  • Loaded with the major SuperFoods: Cereal Grasses, Green leafy vegetables and Clay
  • More whole-leaf greens per serving than any other Greens
  • High Alkalinity helps neutralize acid in your blood and maintains a healthy pH balance
  • Strengthens immune system and boosts energy
  • No Synthetic, Isolated or Fractionated Vitamins & Minerals
  • Increase energy – relieves fatigue and stress without the use of stimulants
  • Balances blood sugar levels
  • Balances digestive symptoms related to gas & bloating
  • Establishes a proper pH in the intestines, which is ideal for a healthy colon environment
  • Increases mental acuity

GreenShield Is A Powerful Antioxidant

AlkaVision GreenShield is nutrient rich and offers a potent source of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, cell salts, trace minerals essential amino acids and antioxidants. One serving of GreenShield is equivalent to eating 5 cups of organic vegetables. Some individuals may prefer to begin with 1/2 to 1 Tsp of GreenShield daily for a week, and gradually increase this dosage to 2 level tsp. This will prevent, or slow down possible symptoms associated with detoxification of the system.

Each individual will experience different reactions, as their history of health or illness is a very personal thing. Lasting health is not something which is established overnight, and any pill which promises this only removes the symptom, and exacerbates the problem somewhere else. Sickness develops over a long period and is only experienced when the body becomes overwhelmed by the toxins in it.

GreenShield is a powerful green drink that can help detoxify your colon and your blood. This drink keeps your colon and your whole body working better and longer.

GreenShield Is Green For A Reason

AlkaVision GreenShield is rich in chlorophyll which has many benefits. It is capable of neutralizing substances that cause cell mutations and strengthens the cell walls of the small intestine and colon. It has an exceptional deodorizing effect on your body and on the stools you have during a bowel movement.

According to statistics, nearly 90% of us don’t get enough servings of vegetables everyday. GreenShield allows you to get the best nutrition any time of day, everyday. For those that haven’t acquired the taste for cereal grasses, we’re confident your taste buds will love our AlkaVision GreenShield!

Our GreenShield Greens contains nutritious whole foods! Whole foods, like our cereal grasses, contain potentially thousands of unidentified nutrients that can’t be isolated and put into a synthetic multi-vitamin. Mother Nature has had thousands of years to perfect the ideal combination of these nutrients that work synergistically in harmony with one another. Our bodies recognize these whole food compounds and can selectively absorb exactly what it needs and what it doesn’t need. AlkaVision GreenShield helps your body get the best natural whole food nutrition it needs to be as healthy as possible.

Why Use Clay?

AlkaVision GreenShield is the only green food blend on the market that has clay in it. Why do we use clay?

“The eating of clay has been observed in native peoples and animals in all parts of the world since antiquity. Early writers described the widespread use of kanwa (earth from a lake near Lake Chad ) for animals and humans in Nigeria. Long journeys were made to this lick to obtain a tribal supply of this earth, and it was then issued as rations to cattle and humans…” Eaton Earth Montmorillonite clay is a non-swelling green healing clay known to have potent healing properties.

Utilizing the curative power of the Earth in practices such as Pelotherapy should, we believe, truly be considered a lifestyle modification; it should be adopted as an integral part of healthy living. There is no substitute for the benefits that quality healing clays can provide both in and on the body. We cordially invite you to view what we have discovered over the last eleven years of research.

Clay molecules carry negatively charged ions. Pollutants carry positively charged ions. Clay particles do two things that work in our favor. Firstly, they attract the positively charged toxins which is called adsorbing. Secondly, they absorb these toxins literally locking them away and protecting us from them. The structure of clay is like layers of playing cards with space between them. These layers swell as they absorb pollutants and toxic substances. The greater the surface area the greater the power to pick up positively charged particles of toxins and heavy metals.

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